We are always looking for caring, empathetic people to join our team. Whether you can work a couple of hours a week or you want to work full time, we would like to hear from you.


As part of the PCT Care Services care team, you can make a difference to someone’s life. We all want to feel loved and safe, we all want to feel that we can contribute positively to our family environment as well as society as a whole.


As part of our care team you can help someone feel those emotions; you can make a difference to someone’s life in a positive way.

That difference could be through simple conversation, through the carrying out of chores, helping someone to get ready to meet the day, or just a happy smile.


We are looking for dependable people with a positive outlook to join our care team; PCT Care Services is an organisation helping families and individuals, adults, young adults and disabled children; whether it's working with them in their homes, or taking them out, assisting to make the most out of life.


We believe working with people is fun! Many people say they find the work rewarding. Regardless of your age or experience, or whether you are looking for temporary work or a permanent career. If you have patience, a passion for people and a positive attitude, then we would love to hear from you.


“To see a face go from hopelessness to happiness because of something that you have done for someone is very special.”


“It makes a real difference in my day to know the simplest things can mean the world for people who are lonely and isolated.”


“This job has opened my eyes to the future, which will be for all of us. I hope to have the same kind of help that is so easy to give.”


“It makes me very proud to be part of a company that cares as much about their clients as I do.”


“It gives me such joy to see my clients smile and know that I am helping them stay independent and enjoying a fulfilled life.”


If this sounds like you then please contact us. You can download an application form here