Support Planning

PCT Care Services Ltd provides a support planning service to either private clients or those that are referred from NCC.


Your support plan will be completely tailored to your needs and is individual to you.

The budget that you have been given will give us a guidance as to how much funding you have for paid services,




We have resources that we can promote which are free of charge or at very low cost that enable you to have that little extra that you may need.


We liaise with the other professionals so that you don't have to.

Through our smooth process you will feel comfortable and supported to create your plan, just as you want it!


Once we have your request for a support plan, we will visit you within one week. We will on your visit discuss what support you would like to have in place.

The support plan itself if written and completed by us, you are still in full control over what you would like your support plan to include.


We do have to look at what your needs are and how your support plan reflects your outcomes, but we do this together to ensure that it is your perfect plan.

We then send your support plan back to the NCC where it is agreed before the support can start.


It's as simple as that!


Our team are fully trained and happy to go the extra mile to help.