Personal Assistant

Pct Care Services provide a Personal Assistant, we have a list of people that wish to offer their time as personal assistants.


Clients have said they need:


Choice, peace of mind, control, reliability, specialist support, continuity of care, a CQC regulated professional service, staff that are CRB checked and fully trained, the ability to change carers without having to advertise and recruit, flexible workers, PA’s that understand care, and volunteers.

Clients have said they don’t want:


Employment law responsibilities, recruitment, payroll, responsibility on top of their care needs, advertising, training, insurance claims, paperwork, worry, to be open to abuse, or to be left without care if their PA doesn’t turn up.


Personal assistants have said they want:


Enough hours, choice, training, support, flexibility, paid holidays, cover if they need time off or are sick, a pension scheme, sick pay, maternity entitlement, and travel paid.


Personal assistants have said they don’t want:


To work all day everyday for a couple of hours pay, one client, more than one employer, to work 7 days a week a.m. and p.m., lose hours when person they support goes away or has family visiting, to be open to abuse, used or taken for granted.


PCT Care Services  Personal Assistants are fully trained and DBS checked care support workers.

You will have the opportunity to interview our personal assistants. You may choose more than one person and you have choice and control over who provides your care.

You will choose how and when your care is given, We employ all the personal assistants so you don’t need to become an employer.

We pay the personal assistants holiday pay and manage their statutory benefits. We pay wages and the Revenue.


We provide:    


Full training

Holiday cover

Sick cover

 Cover for absences


Support to both you and your personal assistant

Please contact us for more information